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automobile jacks

Burnaby Village Museum
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Burnaby Village Museum
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Pair of bumper jacks or car jacks. The jacks are a ratcheting style. The first jack is made of steal and used as a model for the second one which is made of wood and designed to be a prop for a movie set.
Both jacks have an orange painted finish that has been weathered and distressed. One through time and use, the other intentionally designed to look old.
The jacks have a base plate, lifting runner, ratcheting handle, and standard column with adjustment holes.
The prop bumper jack has fewer moving parts and does not include any of the spring mechanisms.
Object History
Jimmy Chow worked in TV and film as a property master for more than 42 years. A property master is responsible for building and procuring props that actors handle and use. This sometimes means making replica items that are lighter, false or make filming easier on the actor. This differs from set decoration, which uses props to create a backdrop and is less central to the action on set.
Jimmy Chow was responsible for designing, managing, and sourcing props for films such as: BFG, Warcraft: The Beginning, X-Men 2, Fantastic Four, Watchman, Tron: Legacy, Little Women, Seven Years in Tibet, Shanghai Noon, The Shipping News, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Changeling, Man of Steel (Superman), Snow Falling on Cedars, Legends of the Fall, And the Sea Will Tell, and Once a Thief.
He entered the film industry in 1973 working for CBC Vancouver and gained valuable experience working on the set of the television series The Beachcombers, which launched his career.
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Jack, Vehicle
Persons - Chinese Canadians
Chow, Hipman "Jimmy"
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