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band organ

Burnaby Village Museum
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Burnaby Village Museum
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This is a Wurlitzer Military Band Organ, Style 146B. Built by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, ca 1925. The organ is supposed to recreate the sound of a 20-piece military band, with percussion instruments that include bass drum, snare drums, cymbals, and xylophones, as well as pipes to reproduce the sounds of trumpets, trombones, flutes, and violins. This band organ is operated by paper rolls based on Wurlitzer's unique, 46 note roll scale, "Style 150". Our Model 146B has duplex roll frames, allowing continuous playing, one roll rewinds as the other is playing. An electric motor mounted on the top uses a belt to drive a crankshaft that powers both the air bellows that feed the various music pipes as well as the roll mechanism. The band organ was originally intended to be used with a carousel out of doors. A perferated sheet of plexie glass has been placed over the front opening to reduce the volume of the instrument inside the carousel building. Outside Visible Snare Drum on proper right Bass Drum with cymbal on proper left Inside 16 Octave Violin Pipes 3 Wooden Trombones 3 Octave Stopped Bass Pipes 15 Wooden Trumpets 15 Stopped Flute Pipes 16 Violin Pipes 9 Open Pipes Bottom 3 Open Bass Pipes 9 Stopped Accompaniment Pipes 16 Stopped Melody Pipes Bells 16 Bell Bars, playing form the musical roll.
Object History
The band organ was purchased and restored by the Friends of the Carousel to replace the original organ that had been sold before the carousel was acquired for the Burnaby Village Museum. The Friends of the Carousel bought this machine from a collector in Spokane, Washington. He had obtained it from a closed down travelling carnival company in Reno, Nevada. They had used it with a carousel in the American mid-west.
"Wurlitzer", painted in gold on front of organ
Wurlitzer Music Company Limited
Country Made
United States of America
Province Made
New York
Site/City Made
North Tonawanda
Recreational Devices - Carousels
Musical Instruments
C.W. Parker Company
Lower Mainland Association of the Friends of the Vancouver Carousel
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