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Burnaby Central Secondary School yearbook : 1973-1974
Winnipeg: Josten's/National School Services , 1974. (Book) 373.71 BUR 1973 Copy 2
Burnaby Village Museum
Burnaby Village Museum
Special Collection
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373.71 BUR 1973 Copy 2
Place of Publication
Josten's/National School Services
Publication Date
Physical Description
137 p. : ill. (some col.), ports. ; 27 cm.
"Sally and Mrs. Mckenzie, peaches and cream, horses and carriages, there have never been better matches. Just imagine what a dog it would have been studying electricity without Sally telling us that the Mackenzie's lessons ____ all wrong as the subject. Hug, Sally, between you and ___ _____ was a ___ _______ good memory. You were the first girl I ever met ____ _____ and probably the most ______. Don't love it (and don't listen to _______ _______). / Love Bob Scott." [handwritten inside front cover]
Sally, / you always seem to be able to make history a little lively!! Have fun in Europe! (I wish I was going with you) / B Penny" [handwritten inside front cover]
"Good luck / H_____ B______" [signed inside front cover]
"Sally / Remember when: / - We spend a whole year of English with Miss Miller / - Running cross-country with the famous 'Lovell's Lovelies' / - Putting up with Moscrop's Central _____ coaches / Good luck in the future / Cathy Coons / Call me in ten years and we'll do it again" [handwritten inside front cover]
"Mrs. ______" [signed inside front cover]
"To one of the shy people in the school. You always were too afraid to talk to anybody. Sal, you've been a great classmate for a lot of years an' good luck in the future! / Chris N." [handwritten inside front cover]
"Sal, / Remember grade 8 and 9 homeroom. Blair J. was the bad apple in the barrel.. So here we are again in our last homeroom. You have always made those 4 or 5 minutes a lot of fun. / Keep it up. Good luck. / Deb B." [handwritten inside front cover]
"To Motormouth / Chem was sure a good class last year. There were some pretty wild times. I hope you and Grover stay out of trouble, meaning the 'American.' / Good luck in grade 12! / Love / Greg Dines" [handwritten inside front cover]
"Bob Hope!" [handwritten inside front cover]
Sally I'll miss our discussions in S.S. with P_____ B_____. Shall miss you're sweet voice calling me threw the hall / PAULA! / PS. Have phone in Europe! / Would guilty call to me so I shall see hopefully" [handwritten inside front cover]
"Hi Sal / What have you been doing lately? / Never mind I don't want to know! HA HA Hope to see you around (not really) Just joking! HA HA Catch ya later / Love / Lo__" [handwritten inside back cover]
"To the quietest kid I know, who also happens to be a great track star (hows them for compliments). To a real great kid who loves Taylor as much as I do!? Good luck overseas and watch out for those Europeans! Good luck in history (but I don't think you need it!) / Love / Cathie" [handwritten inside back cover]
"Dearest Sally, / I heard that you won a cross-country meet last week. Maybe some of that will rub off on me and maybe some of my expert biology knowledge will rub off on you. Your a nice person to know! It's to bad you be coming to Hawii. I needed a body guard but I'll have to find someone else. Keep running / Love mark / XXX" [handwritten inside front cover]
"Sal / What a spoiled brat! Europe, cars, what next. Well your mother she can adopt me and buy me a new car too. Love to a nut from a fellow nut. / Helen" [handwritten inside back cover]
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School yearbooks -- 1970-1979
Burnaby Central Secondary School (Burmaby, B.C.) -- Students -- Yearbooks
Schools - B.C. - Burnaby - History
School yearbooks
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Burnaby Lake (Historic Neighbourhood)
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Burnaby Lake Area
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Burnaby Central High School
High school annual for Burnaby Central high school
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